The Portacle

Life is a journey and The Portacle™ is your compass.

The Portacle™ is a stand-alone downloadable PC or MAC software program that is a new generation of true bio-feedback. As its name implies, it is a Portal to the inner world where intention creates your reality and an Oracle to help you circumnavigate it. 

It is a quantum technology based on a new science of automata, the smallest most indivisible building blocks of reality, called real and imaginary partials. Using a person's stated intentions or breath, this patent pending algorithm reduces it into these basic primary components. After removing the dissonance and noise, these  components are separated and fed back into opposite ears. It relies on the person's brain to reassemble and resolve these two different aspects of themselves. This information is also used to draw a mandala that represents how the real and imaginary partials (intention) appears on the other side of the quantum world.

It was designed on the principle of non-evasive, self controlled integration of mind, body and spirit. It allows you to see you true radiance and hear your inner voice and gives you the opportunity to affect true and lasting change on yourself at the most basic, fundamental level of reality where intention creates all things. It is a tool that can teach you the true secret behind the law of attraction.


Please be sure to refer to the minimum system requirements listed on each product page to ensure your computer will run The Portacle™

US Pat. No. 8788557, and patents pending


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