The Portacle

VIBRASOUND Vibrotactile Systems and Sensorium LSV II Interface


The original source that provides the “river of life” that becomes and then nurtures every known thing is called the universal vibrational spectrum that makes up the diverse reality in which we live, where everything is relative by frequency.  This concept has been graphically shown in many different ways and it has become quite common to see them displayed as the range of frequencies that make up the different bands of the standard or “accepted” spectrum like radio, TV, microwaves, heat, light, x-rays and cosmic rays.  However, other research has shown that the spectrum extends on both ends into an expanded scale that includes sound, tactile vibration, brainwaves, heartbeats, breath (pressure), motion and gravity.  In other words, the true scale extends all the way from the gravity constant to the quantum constant.  

 The more bands of the spectrum a person can resonate on, the better they can communicate with all of the various forms of reality both inside and outside. Each sensory mechanism senses a particular band of the universal vibrational spectrum (see diagram below). 

The more senses involved in an experience, the more information is processed, and a better understanding arises.  The more channels a person can resonate on, the better they can communicate with the various levels of reality they will encounter physically, mentally and spiritually.

Octave Zero:  Breath: (.9765625 to 16KHz.)  - Sensorium™ Subharmonic Re-synthesizer

Octaves 1 to Ten:  Vibrotactile:  (1.5 to 2000 Hz). - VibraSound® 

Octaves 1 to Six:  Brain: (1.5 to 250 Hz.) - Sensorium™ Generators

Octaves 4 to 14:  Sound: (16 to 16K Hz.) - Sensorium™ Generators

Octave 49:  Light: (4.31M to 8.62MHz.) - Sensorium™  LSV II - Pulsed Light

Octaves Beyond the Quantum (1040 Hz.) - Transformant™ Water