The Portacle

The Portacle Neuro CN-X Module (Mac Only)

The Portacle Neuro CN-X is the latest upgrade to the Portacle suite of products.  It allows the user's brainwaves to stimulate their vagus nerve.  See more information on the Products Page of this website.  It requires three technologies that can be purchased individually or as a package:
1.  The Portacle Neuro CN-X Software Upgrade
2.  The Psiolink Neuroband
3.  The CN-X Nervana Module
To order the package back up a page and chose the packaged version that includes all three technologies.  If you already own the Portacle Neuro and the Psiolink Neuroband, choose this option, which is the stand alone version of the CN-X Nervana Vagus Nerve Stimulator.