The Portacle

PortacleWin - Quantum Biofeedback System

Portacle for Windows -

Our standalone product that includes binaural feedback and all Portals and Matrices. 

US Pat. No. 8788557, and patents pending"

Minimum System Requirements

- Intel Core or Xeon compatible CPU w/1GB RAM

- GPU w/OpenGL 1.4 or higher

- Windows 7 or higher

- QuickTime 7.1 or higher
(note: Software is delivered in .zip archive format. If you have trouble opening the .zip file, please click here to download the free trial version of WinZip.)

- 1280×768 or higher display resolution

- microphone (built-in or external)

- speakers or headphones

Note to PC / Windows users: If you are not sure your system meets the Portacle's GPU requirement, click here then download and run the free GPU-Z utility (no installation required). If your system includes a compatible GPU chip, its name will appear in the GPU field. This step applies to Windows PC users only, since all Intel-based Macs already have a compatible GPU built-in. Users of desktop PCs can increase the performance of their systems by adding more powerful GPU cards.
Important Note to Windows 8 and 8.1 users:  Be sure to download and install Quicktime 7.76 or above before attempting to install and activate the Portacle.