The Portacle

PsioTune™ - Multi-Sensory Thought to Music Transposer and Quantum Biofeedback Software (Mac Only)

PsioTune is a new class of brain computer interface (BCI) that transforms a user’s actual thoughts into music and allows a new type of direct biofeedback of a person's experience.   A quantum oscillator redistributes the phase of the transformed signal such that all possibilities of expression are simultaneously present. The actual components are then separated from the potential components and this optimized signal is returned to the user to be reassembled according to their own unique and personal manner. Reassembly results in lowering of tension, actualization of potential and integration of body, mind and spirit.  

In addition, the separated and phase diversified signal is mathematical drawn on the computer screen.  When presented with  the multiple possibilities of all the different frequencies and phases, the human brain must "collapse the wave function" into a singular outcome which reveals the patterns and geometries of the possibility being chosen.  Learning how to collapse the wave function of a particular thought pattern is the essence of creating one's own reality and can lead to the manifestation of intention.  

PsioTune has many other applications in meditation, self discovery, manifestation and living life in accordance with one's own will.  Turning thought into music is very entertaining at the very least, and can be used with a high degree of skill by professionals who want to use it to transpose their brain signal into a sample that they can play music with.  In addition, the PsioLink headband (separate purchase) can be utilized for over 70 games, meditation and self-improvement apps available online from several sources.  

The PsioLink™ headband is required for this product, which can be ordered from the store page along with PsioTune.  This simple and comfortable, yet powerful device wirelessly transfers the raw-brain data to your computer.  PsioTune is a Mac Only product as the Windows platform cannot properly process the real time nature of PsioTune.  See the product page for minimum requirements. 

Upon purchase of PsioTune, you will receive instructions on how to download the software from our development site and install it, a User's Manual, information about the PsioLink headband and a Serial Code with which you can activate your software.  If you purchase through PayPal and your credit card does not validate on their system, you may not receive these items.  Please email if you need assistance and someone will get back to you right away to validate your order and provide the information.